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Thursday, July 16, 2009

As Seen On TV

Great As Seen On TV Products
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Stylish Foldaway Hand Bag Hanger

Get hooked on it! Thanks to the genius Bag Hanger there is now a clever and glamor solution to take care of your handbag. You don't anymore have to put it on the floor or on your knees when you go out. Simply hook your bag hanger to any table and hang your handbag to it. You love your handbag and its content, the bag hanger keeps it next to you, clean and safe.


Engrave It!

Engrave Almost Anything! The Engrave It engraving tool allows you to engrave nearly anything you can imagine on almost any type of surface: wood, metal, plastic, leather, glass and much more.

Do you know that Law enforcement won't return stolen property unless it’s identifiable? Use Engrave-It to permanently label and protect your valuables.

Safe and easy to use. Works just like a pen. Engrave your child's lunch box or guard against theft by engraving your MP3 player. Engrave ornaments, silver pieces, lockets, rings and more. Great arts and crafts fun for the whole family.

Personalize your keepsakes, Engrave It is an inexpensive alternative to costly engraving services!

Product Benefits

● Works On Almost Any Surface
● Cordless and Easy To Use
● Powerful yet Safe To the Touch
● Inexpensive Alternative to Engraving Services

Uses 2 AA size batteries (not included)

Please use only new alkaline battery for best result.


Mighty Putty

Now you can repair any job big or small, thanks to Mighty Putty.

Mighty Putty is great for anything from your smallest craft projects to your largest home improvements! The easy way to fix, fill and seal almost any surface and make it last.

Mighty Putty is a powerful bonding epoxy stick that you can mold to any shape and can apply to any surface for an everlasting bond.

Simply cut, activate and apply...then all you do is let it dry. Seal leaks in an instant, rebuild tools, and fill cracks in ceilings or floors and many more!

• Your order of Mighty Putty is covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.
• Just cut, activate and apply Mighty Putty™ to fix, fill or seal almost any surface!
• Mighty Putty has the muscle to support up to 350lbs!

Mighty Putty works on Ceramics, Metal, Wood, Glass, PVC, Wall boards, Tile, Concrete and much more!

3 tubes in a box. Rubber gloves included.


Smooth Legs

Smooth Legs enables you to remove unwanted hair and get silky soft skin without any pain or discomfort plus exfoliating at the same time!

Its gentle buffing action removes hair from the root giving your skin an invigorating boost and bringing back a healthy natural, youthful glow to your skin.

By moving the pad in a circular motion over clean dry skin, you can gently buff away unwanted hair quickly and easily, without any mess.

Use the large Smooth Legs on larger areas such as legs, arms, underarms, back and chest. Use the small Smooth Legs on delicate areas such as the chin, upper lip, bikini line, fingers and toes.

Forget painful waxing and harsh shaving – Smooth Legs is the pain free alternative, keeping your skin hair free for up to 3 weeks – without any preparation time or clean up afterward.

The Smooth Legs' surface is delicate enough to not damage skin, but powerful enough to banish even the toughest hair.

Unlike waxing, Smooth Legs is pain free and there is no need for any preparation time or cleaning up afterward. You can carry it with you in your handbag or take it on holiday.

Each Smooth Legs Pad is washable and re-useable and depending on hair thickness and usage, can last you up to 3 months.

Package includes:

1 Travel case 1 Large Backing Pad
1 Small Backing Pad
4 Large Replacement Pads
4 Large Replacement Pads



The Deluxe PedEgg is the revolutionary foot file that you've seen nationally advertised on TV. It's the newest and fastest way to make your feet feel smooth and healthy with NO MESS!

The secret is PedEgg's precision micro-files that gently remove calluses and dead skin to give your feet the incredible baby soft look and feel that everybody loves.

Two high quality emery buffing pads are included for the ultimate finishing touch. The unique egg shape of the PedEgg not only looks great, but is ergonomically designed to fit perfectly into the palm of your hand for easy and convenient use.

Best of all, PedEgg has been designed to collect all the skin shavings in a convenient storage compartment allowing you to use it anywhere with no mess. You and your feet will love the new PedEgg!


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